This is a list of some of the writing craft books I currently own and use. I’m not listing them here as recommendations, per se (those are in the blog), but simply as the tools I find helpful. Different things work for different people, but aspiring writers might find useful information in these.


Reading Like a Writer — Francine Prose

How to be a Writer — Barbara Baig

The Writer’s Portable Mentor — Priscilla Long

The Scene Book — Sandra Scofield

The Art of Character — David Corbett

Wired for Story — Lisa Cron

Writing Irresistible Kidlit — Mary Kole

Second Sight: An Editor’s Talks on Writing, Revising, and Publishing Books for Children and Young Adults — Cheryl Klein

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: How to Edit Yourself Into Print — Renni Browne and Dave King

Story Engineering — Larry Brooks

How Grammar Works — Patricia Osborn


*Note: This list updates as I encounter new, useful books. Please check back!